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Plasma wet scrubber(CREOTM)
Principles and Features
  • Exhaust gas flowing into Thermal Plasma Scrubber using N2Using DC power supply
  • The flame formed by the arching between the cathode and the anode in two stages Decompose chemical bonds (Plasma about 2,500 ℃ ~ 5,000 ℃)
  • In the second and third reaction chambers (yellow and blue)
    Maintain high temperature to increase processing efficiency (Adopt condensing method)-> Maintain about 1,000 ℃ when passing through secondary reaction chamber
  • When the exhaust gas communicates with the 3rd reaction zone (blue), the external cooling chamber
    The hot exhaust gas is cooled by passing through. -> Maintain about 600 ℃ when passing through 3rd reaction chamber
  • Treatment of residual exhaust gas by supplying city water for water-soluble gas and cooling in the primary wet spray part.
  • NOx bonds occur above about 800 ° C. May occur when encountering H2O When NO2 Plasma encounters water, NOx generation is suppressed to about 600 ℃
  • Plasma treated exhaust gas is directly in contact with H2O
    This is the cause of NOx occurrence.
    Patented pipeline structure to lower Plasma treatment exhaust gas temperature